Live auctions have been the traditional method of conducting auctions since ancient times.

Live auctions are more effective over online auctions when all or most of the interested participants are in attendance, usually in the case of high-end items.

Live auctions provide an exciting atmosphere for all those in attendance. Experienced and highly skilled auctioneers and ring-men produce a higher yield than average, mediocre and amateur auctioneers. There is a very distinct and unmistakable difference.

Bidders can see and feel the interest level in real time. The sense of urgency is unmatched.

Public recognition and the benefit of leveraging social status is a key element desired by some participants such as celebrities, socialites, and even certain philanthropists. This can been achieved through a live event.

Live/ Simulcast Auctions can realize the highest return on investment for large spreads of equipment and certain liquidation settings. Live/ Simulcast utilizes one or more online bidding platforms in a live auction event. This type of operation is very costly and requires a large staff of auction experts. This scenario also requires an extensive set-up, knowledgeable staff and an adequate, secure facility to accommodate the display of goods and the crowd.

Online Bidding Options

You can attend the live auction or bid online from anywhere!

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